Mind Mapping Your Story

Mind mapping and creative writing go hand in hand. Each uses the same side of the brain to flesh out ideas into a fully-fledged product. I used mind-mapping extensively, even taught it, but confess to letting the practice slide as my linear mode took over. I was reminded of it while reading a brief article by … Read more

Chris Hammer Wins Dagger Award

Published July 2018, Scrublands was Chris Hammer’s first published crime novel. Just over a year later, Chris Hammer – the author has won the 2019 John Creasy New Blood Award for best crime novel by a first-time author. The award was part of the UK Crime Writers Association Dagger Awards, one of the top awards for crime … Read more

Creating Fantasy Worlds: J K Rowling

J.K. Rowling has created arguably the most fantastical world in contemporary times. Her success in the Potter franchise is widely acknowledged. Writing fantasy fiction in any form has not been my interest even though I love Harry Potter and the entire series. I was as captivated as any child, reading those books. Even though it’s … Read more