Writing Workshops and Sessions

Melanie is an accomplished professional facilitator with over twenty years of experience in presenting workshops. She conducts a range of craft-based workshops for writers at all stages of their writing career. Here is a sample of recent sessions.

Writing for Fun

Have a go at writing – for BEGINNERS. Explore writing through a number of safe and fun activities and exercises to get the creative juices flowing. Bring pen and paper. Ideal for people who have always wanted to write but were never able to for whatever reason, or, for those with a project in mind and no idea where to start. Free up and find your writing mind and muscle.

Get Out of Your Own Way and Write

The biggest obstacle to starting or finishing your writing is you. By the end of this session, you’ll be much clearer on what hampers you and how you can develop strategies to improve your writing practice, your craft and your output. Lively discussion with active problem solving will see you leave with a plan to be much more productive, happier writer.

Creating Compelling Characters

A reader can’t engage with paper-thin parodies of characters. Readers want compelling characters with all the crazy quirks that real people have. Move beyond shallow character profiles. Find out about the 7 key patterns of character development to bring your characters living and breathing on the page. Compelling characters not only add depth to your story and engage readers more – they give you tons of story ideas in themselves. Tip: Great characters move your plot forward more easily.

writing workshops


Contact Melanie on 0419988303 to chat about these and other sessions she can run for your next group meeting or conference.