Writing Advice from Anne Lamott

bird by bird by anne lamott

I love this piece by Anne Lamott. She encapsulates the simple challenge of writing and makes it sound effortless. Of course, it’s not. Lamott entreats us to ignore all the reasons and excuses and procrastinatory habits stepping in the way of our intention to write. Unless you make a conscious choice to make writing part … Read more

Elmore Leonard – Writing Tips

writing advice from elmore leonard

Elmore Leonard was a prolific and successful writer who found late success with crime and mystery. In this gritty production (only 7 minutes) “Dutch” gives some clarity to writers. This one hit home for me. His characters ‘audition’ in the first 100 pages. He names his characters. In one case, one of his characters appeared … Read more

Writing Tips & Advice – JK Rowling

jk rowling writing tips

One of our most successful contemporary authors not talking about fantasy. In this interview post-Harry Potter, Joanne reveals her practice in developing and defining issues in a novel, creating reality, thematic approaches and the grit of real-life turned into written stories. “Probably everything I write will be about death and morality”. Take notes. And, I … Read more