Best-selling Author Fiona McArthur Talks

fiona McArthur - the farmer's friend

When you have an opportunity to hear an author talk, it pays to listen. Especially if that author is successful, as in some fifty published books or more – both traditional and self-published and has won awards for her writing. Today was such a chance for me. Fiona McArthur is on the hustings (at least … Read more

Vale: Clive James, Poet

clive james death

Clive James. Another literary legend lost. His death last Sunday is punctuated by the volumes of words from this prodigious talent. A critic, intellectual, broadcaster, presenter and ever-improving poet James has left an indelible mark on Australia and the world. The ‘kid from Kogarah’ who traversed those suburbs a couple of decades before I lived … Read more

Anna Featherstone: Tips on Self Publishing


Self-publishing is entirely doable but it’s a hairy beast with lots of moving parts. Not everyone does it well. When you consider the fact that Australian authors earn less than $12,000 per annum from their writing, being able to keep more of the earnings rather than sharing royalties and rights with publishing houses is appealing. … Read more

Anna Featherstone and Her Writing Journey

Raised in a family of 5 children, money was in short supply. To entertain the children, Anna’s father created a make-believe world and made up stories. He invited the kids to name an object or element and he would weave a story to include that element. Combine that imagination with the discipline and skill involved … Read more

Chris Hammer Wins Dagger Award

Published July 2018, Scrublands was Chris Hammer’s first published crime novel. Just over a year later, Chris Hammer – the author has won the 2019 John Creasy New Blood Award for best crime novel by a first-time author. The award was part of the UK Crime Writers Association Dagger Awards, one of the top awards for crime … Read more