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I love a good writing group. And there are plenty of them. Taree Scribblers is one.

Writing Groups

Writing groups run along similar lines but do it differently which is why one’s experience of a writing group varies from one to another. Much of the variation between writing groups is down to both the process they follow and the mix of people in the room.

Even though it was a 170km round trip to head to Taree, it was definitely worth the effort.

When you join up somewhere new, you want to feel welcomed and the Taree Scribblers crew did that. A friendly and inclusive mob of writers.

When you join a writing group you want to feel that you gain a benefit in some way.

For some, it is simply to escape the isolation of writing alone and have a writerly chat over a cuppa. For others, it’s getting their work validated through reading or critique. Others prefer to learn something through a workshop or lesson on some aspect of their craft. Yet others, it’s about practising their craft through writing sessions or exercises.

Taree Scribblers covers all those bases.

At the session I attended there was a brief cover of general business to update the membership on things such as competitions, publications, financials etc.

Read Your Writing Out Loud

Then onto reading of short pieces for those who wanted to play. Each month they set a theme word or phrase and I’d been forewarned so had my 500 words ready. When you read aloud there’s always something of the shy 10-year-old that pops up and cringes wondering if it’s boring or tiresome or inadequate. No such feelings at Taree Scribblers. Each piece was warmly received: all writers were of a confident and capable standard. I felt my piece said ‘I deserve a place at your table’. It was my credibility stake in the ground. Once I’d heard others, I knew I could learn from this group of published and polished writers.

Writing Competitions

After a short tea break it was onto a workshop session covering how competitions are judged and how to prepare your submission for success. This was an excellent session and I wish I’d realised it was on – I had to leave early for another appointment but would have made arrangements to stay for the whole session. Anything run by Jacqueline Winn is worth sticking around for!

So for my money, I’ll be back. Taree Scribblers is now a regular on my calendar.

Check out writer’s groups in your neck of the woods and get along to see how well it matches your needs as a writer.

Taree Scribblers

Taree Scribblers meet the second Wednesday of the month in Taree from 10-12.30/1pm.

taree scribblers

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