Writing Software – A Cool Tool

When you get serious about writing you start to realise it would help to have a software tool to keep your writing organised.

If you search for writing software you’ll find a number of products out there and I am confident many of them are very good and worth the money.  But most fledgling writers don’t have the funds or are not sure what they want in a writing software tool before they buy.

My solution? A ‘free’ tool which is written for writers by a writer who is also a programmer – perfect combination! Why ‘free’? Well, you pay nothing to download it and nothing will happen if you never pay for it. But if you like it or gained value from using it, an honour system asks that you contribute by donation. The amount is entirely up to you.

What I like about this software is that it enables you to run multiple writing projects, so you can progress all those ideas for books at your own pace. It also helps you get organised by capturing what you need as it comes to mind and keeping it in a coherent collection for you to work on.


Find out more and download the software from here – http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter5.html

I have no vested interest in recommending this product whatsoever. I just think it’s a cool tool to get going.

Of course, you can use post-it notes to organise your ideas and type into a word document or on a blog but at some point you need to organise those disparate ideas and notes – this tool helps to do that.

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