Becoming a Writer

I became a writer by writing. I remember almost all of my undergraduate creative writing teachers saying, Just write, and things will happen Quoted by Carrie Oeding from her teachers in her BA English. source: Well worth the read.  Reading any writer’s story provides inspiration to see how others have found their path to … Read more

How to be a writer

If you want a no-holds-barred look at writing, check out Scott’s post here: Ouch! My view? Anyone can write. There’s never been more opportunity for people to freely express themselves. Why, even blogs are built around writing and publishing – and millions do it for free. The questions are: Have you got something to … Read more

Start a Book Demand Campaign

When you’re book is ready for promotion and distribution, get people to go into a bookstore and ask the store if they carry the book. Really badger the store to rack it up and ask them if it may be in other stores. If enough people inquire they will look at ordering the book in! get those connections and … Read more